All the Presidents are Related

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Trump or Biden who gives a fuck your vote isnt worth shit!

In less then a month the people here in America will start walking around like robots with stickers pasted to their chest like the one above stating they voted like they are some how more patriotic then the people who didnt for whatever reason. But if you are part of that patriotic insanity you may not want to to continue reading. Why?Because its bullshit! Your vote means shit, it never meant anything,and it never will. I’ll tell you why

Why you have to be hypnotized to get over them

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As human beings, we are all social. We crave connection, conversation, and intimacy. So it should come as no surprise that when a relationship is in danger, we are deeply impacted. Whether romantic or platonic, our emotions are attached to these relationships. Additionally, the experiences we have when we are young impact the relationships we have as adults. Over time, these subconscious events can develop into unhelpful behaviours and patterns that deeply affect our current relationships.

If you are reading this chances are experienced the happy feelings of falling in love. Finding that special someone and planning your life with…

Bitches and Hoes arent all these rappers know

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Hip-Hop has historically existed as a male-dominated industry. Being a reflection of urban life and struggle, past Hip-Hop artists have been forced to maintain a certain level of masculinity in order to be accepted by their urban communities. Old school rappers who talked about love were often viewed as soft or corny. Because of this perception, the existence of love in Hip-Hop is a fairly new concept.

As the movement has gained support and recognition throughout the world, love has become an increasingly common theme in Hip-Hop music and poetry. However, the taboo still exists. Even today, Hip-Hop artists and…

The Divide Horror GIF By Shudder

On fire

Yeah..Ya know? Haters man


Never Got Nothin Nice To Say man

You know the one thing I notice about haters man

Is haters never ask me how my day went

Well im gonn tell em

Yesterday I got high

my cat eyes

got baptized in eternal fire what a glow

so the next time im lit -it’ll be a show

you wanna ridicule dog my hearts a little cold..

Im still alchemizing into gold

look out below

Im High enough… no.. theres still higher I can go

my lifes a little lighter- its fire,

when I flow

Life Hacks For When Life Attacks

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Unless you’re one of the very few people in the galaxy who hasn’t heard of, or even watched any of the Star Wars movies over the last 40 years, you’ll know what The Force is. That mythical thing that enables you to play mind tricks on unsuspecting storm troopers and get them to do whatever you wish, as well as being able to move things with your mind.

While entirely fictional, the enigmatic concept knowns as “The Force” is based on some very real principles. In the movie, Star Wars, the “Force” is often spoken of by members of a…

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Imagine you were born on an island. On this island you live with your mom, pop, maybe an older brother or sister, maybe both, a dog, or cat, goat, a pig.The point is its just you and your family. The island was beautiful. You could go out and explore, food was plenty and delicious, etc etc. You had fun, loved, laughed, you never felt hate, stress, sadness, you literally lived in the garden of Eden. Life was good.

However you had no way of hearing about the outside world. You knew somehow other islands like yours existed, but no news…

All men were made to be equal and enjoy equal rights to freedom. Yet, over the past millennia, men have thought themselves, their race and ethnicity, above others. They have enslaved one another to varying degrees. While we may forget, or excuse, some of the man’s atrocities against another, there is one event in history that we can never forget: The exhibition of Africans in human zoos in Europe and America.

Some centuries ago, the colonist European and white-American society had developed an appetite for exhibiting Africans in theatres across the continents. From around mid to late-1800’s, theatrical exhibitions not…

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Who do you love besides people?

Only people can love wild animals but wild animals can not love people right?

They may destroy them!

I am asking because I have a wild animal I want to show you!

It is a “Native American” monster

It is a monster!

It is a monster!

It is a monster!

I will show you in a loving way though.

It lives in darkness!

Its blind to the light but if it sees you!

It will not love the way you are!

It is a monster!

It is a sensitive wild animal!

I will give…

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Strange phenomena abound; in our bodies, on our planet and in the universe at large, some mysterious processes defy explanation. From the deepest enigmas of time and space, to otherworldly places on Earth, to the mysteries at the heart of human existence.

Science is powerful, but there is much it can’t explain. And when people see, hear or believe something that is not explained, science finds itself trying to prove things don’t exist, and that’s truly impossible.

From ghosts to supposed man-like beasts, from incredible experiences at the line between life and death to amazing but unexplained feats of the…

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