Why you have to be hypnotized to get over them

As human beings, we are all social. We crave connection, conversation, and intimacy. So it should come as no surprise that when a relationship is in danger, we are deeply impacted. Whether romantic or platonic, our emotions are attached to these relationships. Additionally, the experiences we have when we are…

Bitches and Hoes arent all these rappers know

Hip-Hop has historically existed as a male-dominated industry. Being a reflection of urban life and struggle, past Hip-Hop artists have been forced to maintain a certain level of masculinity in order to be accepted by their urban communities. Old school rappers who talked about love were often viewed as soft…

On fire

Yeah..Ya know? Haters man


Never Got Nothin Nice To Say man

You know the one thing I notice about haters man

Is haters never ask me how my day went

Well im gonn tell em

Yesterday I got high

my cat eyes

got baptized in eternal fire…

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